Staying in Hotels? WHY? & pay for parking $22 to $35??
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Staying in Hotels? WHY? & pay for parking $22 to $35??

Who is with me on this?  I don't like having to pay EXTRA for every little thing when I stay at a hotel.  I am at a Westin Hotel right now with my daughter and sweetheart.  Just the parking alone for all 3 of our cars is $68.50/night!!!  and God forbid if we needed to use their internet at $15/day.   If it weren't for the fact that we are taking a seminar from 9a to 12a every day and very little time to travel back and forth to the classes we would most definitely be in a Vacation Rental. 

So it's a pretty lobby, so there is a Starbucks here...Do you know they even charge you $25 if you move all of their over-priced drinks in the fridge and put your own things in???

Oh and just why or why do I have to look at those M&M's on that electronic tray the entire time I am here.  I'm on a diet and I've lost 12 pounds and I don't need to look TEMPTATION at 5x the price right in my eye.  LOL.

If you've never stayed in a vacation rental here are a few of the amazing benefits for guests:
2. PRIVATE HOT's not shared with 50 mill other people. 
3. Sit together in the morning in your jammies and have coffee and cook breakfast with a view instead of piling in to a car and eating at some tourist trap.
4. Way more showers/baths per capita than you will have in a 200 sq foot hotel room
5. FREE INTERNET..HOORAY!!!  CD players other gadgets all at your disposal.
6.  No, you won't have to walk across a filled over priced parking lot to get to the lobby and then walk all the way to the elevators and then WAIT FOR THE ELEVATOR while someone sneezes and coughs on you.  You will just park and walk in.  Ahhhhh....take a deep breath.
7. Build a Campfire and take in Nature without all of those noisy other guests around you.  And you won't have to worry if your children sing and play too loud either.
8. PETS: You won't have to board your pet and worry the whole time if Fido is eating and pooping just right.  Fido will be right there with you.  Hooray to that.
9. Intimacy: You and your friends or family will get to really bond more, spend more time and NOT WORRY SOME HOTEL WORKER IS going to rip off your STUFF or that your car is going to get broken into.
10.  You deserve more than just a hotel. Renting a vacation rental is easy, Same 3pm check-in and 11 am checkout without all the hassles and if you are willing to do a little extra clean-up the owners will often give you a later checkout.

Convinced yet?  Vacation Rentals really make your Vacation a Vacation.  So try one today! If you are already a vacation rental guest...tell us what you like most about renting a home versus staying in a hotel.

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Some times its not good to stay at hotels.Because it can charge you more and more.For parking in hotels you have to pay extra charges.
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Sometimes it's better to pay parking charges alone without staying at hotel to save a lot of money in the other expenses.
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