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Titus Gallery in Downtown Carmel

One of our favorite downtown Carmel Galleries is owned by local artist Mary Titus. 

YOU will find some of the most fresh and innovative art and sculpture in all of Carmel and possibly the world. 

Some of the sculptures by various artists even make music and we heard a rumor that Clint Eastwood even "played" one of these musical sculptures.

For various reasons, we love the sculpture of metal and light in the shape of a Chinese Junk which can be viewed during the day as well as night without even stepping into the gallery.

Restaurant 1833

I would highly recommend you to dine at the new restaurant 1833 in Monterey. It is truly a MUST- TRY! With the consistency of how awesome their food is, it is surely worth every penny!

Even James Beard, an American chef and food writer, in fact was so impressed that he had to shake the GM's hand and tell him how great the whole experience was.  Service was spot on, attentive, and not at all over-bearing.  The ambiance of the adobe was the perfect contrast for the dedicated service and amazing food.

Why choose a vacation home over a hotel?

Imagine yourself staying at a dream property or perhaps 
hold a small dinner with intimate friends and spend more quality time with each other. It is all possible with Vacation Home rentals. 

Many people tend to be very excited and look forward to having a truly 
relaxing, rewarding and budget-friendly vacation at a private home - one that you will always remember!
A Vacation Home gives you the entire splendid 
house and a majestic view of nature to loosen up after a long day.
It provides luxurious amenities and services versus the limited 

Restaurants to Enjoy & Some to Stay Away From

As a frequent traveler, we know how important it is to get an insiders tip on where to go and what to avoid.  Just a quick hit on a few great restaurants to visit while you are in Monterey or Carmel.

Andree Bouchee's in downtown Carmelis for you if you love gourmet food done right.  We've eaten there twice in the past 30 days with friends and EVERYONE was happy.    They don't gouge you and the portions are decent.

Stay away from the restaurants at the Carmel Highlands Inn.

Staying in Hotels? WHY? & pay for parking $22 to $35??

Who is with me on this?  I don't like having to pay EXTRA for every little thing when I stay at a hotel.  I am at a Westin Hotel right now with my daughter and sweetheart.  Just the parking alone for all 3 of our cars is $68.50/night!!!  and God forbid if we needed to use their internet at $15/day.   If it weren't for the fact that we are taking a seminar from 9a to 12a every day and very little time to travel back and forth to the classes we would most definitely be in a Vacation Rental.

NEW ADDICTION!!! Mundos -Fabulous Sandwiches on Fremont St

My Newest Addiction are the sandwiches from Mundos on Fremont St.  Totally yum yum yum.  I first found them at the Carmel Highlands General Store.  Turkey Club, Chicken Curry, Chicken Pesto, Tuna, Argentinian Trip Tip.  What can I say except that when I bite down into the whole wheat bread and hear the crunch of the crisp lettuce and that special sauce floats over my taste buds....I am so happy.

On top of it all, the owners of Mundos now have their own retail location and i can go get their sandwiches made to order, drink some latte and off I go.

Spring in Carmel

Spring has sprung! Forget Paris!!! The flowers in Carmel are amazing this year. I think it's all that rain we've had.  The flowers are luscious and gorgeous.  Sea Otter Classic is happening at Laguna Seca and the city will be teeming or should I say bicycle teaming away.  Next up: The Big Sur Marathon where I will be playing the harp for all those brave runners.

And if you are up for a fantastic quick yummy inexpensive eat...try ChopStix.  Everything is $5.  I love the Five Spice Chicken and always get the Coconut Freeze with Coconut jellies inside as my drink.

The Whales are Spouting!

Saw ten whales today right around the corner from our Point Lobos Delight.  There is nothing quite like watching the whales from our decks but today on my 1.2 mile walking loop past multi-million dollar homes including Ansel Adams, and famous sculptor Richard McDonald the whales took my breath away.

It feels like spring has sprung and the calla lilies are blooming like mad.  You owe it to yourself to take a trip to Monterey and Carmel just for the whales.  Take an insiders tour of the area.

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