Vacations in - 5/2 Ohio Victorian
Vacations in   - Monthly Rentals w/Ocean Views, in Monterey Peninsula Area


Side Pation Lit up for a dinner in the summer.

Colors of Walls can be changed to suit tenant.

East Unit (16713) Dining Room to LIving Room View. Wall colors can be changed

Large Sunny Kitchen w/Stainless Steel Appliances & Gas Stove

Ohio Victorian - West Side of Duplex (16715)

5 br, 2.5 baths
3rd floor has three large skylights.
House has a new roof.

Large eat in Kitchen to West Unit (16715) showing new stainless appliances, new lower kit cabinets & new counter

This Ohio Victorian is truly a Historic Lakewood Home.

Each side has 3700 sq ft of space with separate basements. 
All appliances including dishwashers.

Built in 1900 by a wealthy family.
The oak floors have decorative borders of fruitwood & mahogany. 
Tiger Oak graces the fireplaces.

Availability: Nov 2014
It's so spacious you won't even know
there is a unit next to you.  Nearly sound proof.
Choose your paint colors for other rooms.
Both halves of the Duplex have 5 bedrooms & two Living rooms, 2 full baths in East Unit and 2 1/2 Baths in West Unit. 

3 stories plus private basement. Front, Side, and Back door.  Parking in Driveway.
Low gas bills: Budget is 131/ to 150/mos. depending on your usage.
Appliances included.
Mudroom off kitchen + a pantry.
Approx 900 to 1k sq ft per floor.

Call or text 1-831-238-6111 for more info.

Victorian House - Through the years...
A glimpse of its beauty since then.







Lease Application for 16715 Clifton Blvd

I am applying for tenancy  for the Clifton Blvd Victorian , Side by side duplex in Lakewood, Oh 44107.  

The Monthly rent is:
plus charge for Water/Sewer.  You pay your own gas, electric, and cable. 
Security Deposit: Amount will be determined based on credit scores and legal history.  Normally it is one mos rent.

Desired Occupancy Date:______________________

Applicant Name: (first, middle, last) ____________________________________________


Position: _____________________________      
LENGTH OF TIME IN JOB:_____________ Address:____________________________________________________________ Phone:__________________________________  Email:____________________________

MONTHLY INCOME before Taxes:____________________

Social Security #:________-_______-___________________     
Please submit one copy of a recent paystub or source of income by faxing it with this application to 1-509-272-2002. 

Is there a co-applicant? Y or N (If yes, co-applicant must submit a separate


Applicant's former last name (maiden or married)

Alternate E-mail:_______________________
Work #:_____________________________  Cell #:_______________________________ (Texts?  Yes___ No___) Home #:__________________________
 Emergency Contact Name, Relationship, PH # and EMAIL:_______________________________________________________________________
Date of Birth:___
 Height:___________ Eye Color_______
Hair Color: __________  Marital Status ______ Single___________ Citizenship:____________(country)
Drivers's License State and #:_____________________ 

Passport #:_____________________  Country_________ State:_________ City:__________________________

Name all other persons who will occupy the property:

1. ____________________________________ Relationship ______________ Age_____

____________________________________ Relationship ______________  Age_____

____________________________________ Relationship ______________  Age_____


____________________________________ Relationship ______________  Age_____

____________________________________ Relationship ______________  Age_____

(Note: We verify every owner of every property through the state's online property search. We verify who the owner is of the property you are currently residing at and any prior residences before calling them. IN the past, we had a tenant we evicted give us a "friend" as a former landlord. After that experience, we now verify all information.)


Landlords Name_______________________________ E-mail:______________________

Landlords Phones: _________________day____________________night__________________cell

Date Moved In:___________ Move out date:_____________   Rent: $____________

Reason for Moving:_______________________________________


Landlords Name_____________________________  E-mail:__________________________

Landlords Phones: __________________day____________________night__________________cell Date Moved In:_________________ Move out date:________________ Rent $________ Reason for Moving:__________________________________________________________
  Have you ever paid your rent late?  If so, how many times and for what reason?______________________________________________________________________________

Have you ever had eviction proceedings started and/or completed with you?   If so then please list the date and the city and reason. ______________________________   ___________________________________________________________________________   ____________________________________________________________________________   


 I bank at _______________________________ City and State.  
My checking account number is:_______________________________ 
(A valid Bank Account is required to be considered for a lease. We just verify that you do have an active bank account.  People who are not allowed to have a bank account with a bank due to too many previous bounced checks will not be considered for a lease.)   


My car is a: Year/Make/Model/License Plate #____________________________________________   
 * Please fax over a copy of your current drivers license, passport or state id to 1-509-272-2002. Enlarge the drivers license so that it is legible before faxing. 


We do allow pets with a pet agreement, pet rent and pet damage deposit.
Please list all pets with the following info:

Pet #1

___Dog Name: _____Breed_____  Age: ____  Coloring:_______  
VET Name:_________________________
Neutered Yes or No_____     
Is this is pet from a rescue shelter and if so how long have you had it?  _____ We support adopting pets instead of shopping for pets but adopted or purchased we think they're pretty special. See    

Is your pet KENNEL Trained?  ___yes ____no

Is your pet housebroken? ___yes ____no       

If you have a cat, we ask that you place a 4x4 approx carpet around and under the cat litter box to prevent the kitty litter from being kicked out and scratching up the wood floors.   Is this acceptable to you? ____Yes ___No

If you have a cat, does it throw up fur balls?  ___Yes or No___  

(Note: When cats throw up fur balls the enzymes from their stomach eat up and discolor wood floors when it is not noticed or cleaned up right away.  We assume you are a responsible pet owner who will manage this if it ever happens but if you are a newer pet owner you might not know these facts. If you are granted a lease for this property you will need to have an inspection of the property every 3 mos to make sure that there are no damages from pets. If there are damages then those damages need to be repaired and paid for by tenant immediately or tenant will be asked to move. We understand that accidents happen but many could be prevented.  For example: One tenant brought in a very large dog that was emotionally upset when he couldn't get in a room. He would jump up on the door and scratch it.  The damages to the door were huge. This was brought to the attention of the tenant who repaired the damage but then did not prevent the dog from damaging 5 other doors.  While some damage can be repaired...this house is 112 years old and had NEVER in 112 years had any damage to the beautiful wood doors.  Replacing a wood door is $500/door to get the same wood.  Mostly it was very upsetting to have beautiful wood that had been preserved perfectly for so many year be permanently damaged and even with repairs the doors were never the same again.  There was a "patina" on the wood that was lost when they had to be refinished so they could never be the same color again.

In addition one tenant did not buy their cat a scratching post and the cat used the stairway bannister as a scratching post.  An inspection showed this and the tenant bought the cat a scratching post and the damage did not happen again.  We love pets and they deserve good homes with owners who understand their needs. The tenants with the emotionally disturbed dog could have padded the doors with foam or cardboard to prevent the damage until the behavior was under control.) 


Your credit does not have to be perfect but we do want to see the report.  
 ** Go to 
 and sign up for a FREE 30 day trial credit report service and get a copy of your credit report.  We use this to verify your identity and past addresses. You can cancel the service right after getting the credit report but we reccomend that you get the credit report rather than us so that you can save the $35 fee plus you won't have an extra credit inquiry on your report. You can provide us with your user name and password. We will review the credit report. We can't change anything.  And then we will say: go ahead and change your password or cancel the service.  Otherwise, you can print out the ENTIRE CREDIT REPORT...even though it's alot of pages and fax it to our secure efax # of 1-509-272-2002


We will call all personal references for a brief phone call. This should not be someone who will also be signing the lease and living with you.  
1. Name: ________________________________
    Ph #:___________________________________ 
How long have you known this person? ______     Relationship:_________ 
Is this a business reference or a personal?____________

2. Name: ________________________________
    Ph #:___________________________________ 
How long have you known this person? ______    Relationship:___________  
Is this a business reference or a personal?____________